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Under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act of Ontario the owner of a motor vehicle is responsible for insuring that the vehicle is covered with liability insurance before the vehicle is driven on the roadway.

Even if the owner of the vehicle is not driving they can be charged with “permitting the operation of a motor vehicle without insurance”.

The fine for driving without insurance is five thousand ($5000.00) dollars, plus a surcharge (tax) of approx twenty percent (20%).

Meaning if you are caught driving without insurance the total fine is six thousand two hundred and fifty ($6, 250.00) dollars.

Fighting No Insurance Tickets

Upon demand from a police officer the driver must produce valid evidence of insurance.

The onus is on the driver or owner to prove that the vehicle is insured, not the police.

When you call OTT Legal you speak to police former police officers from the Toronto Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police and paralegals, all licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada – people with actual court experience with no insurance traffic tickets.

At OTT Legal we ensure that your charge receives the individual attention it deserves to win your case.

When we fight your ticket we obtain the police officers notes (disclosure), file any legal motions at no extra charge and investigate all legal procedures for you.

Many times with no insurance tickets even if we cannot get the charges canceled, we can get the fine dropped.

To fight your no insurance ticket or to talk to one of our officers call OTT now at 1.888.668.8946, or contact the office in your area >

Fail to Surrender Insurance Card

Fail to Surrender Insurance Card – Section 3.1

If the driver of the motor vehicle is not the owner of the vehicle the officer cannot charge “driver” with Operate a Motor Vehicle Without Insurance.

The police officer can only charge the “operator or driver” with the offence of fail to surrender evidence of insurance. The fine for Fail to Surrender Insurance card is sixty five ($65.00) dollars.

The police officer may after speaking to the driver contact the owner of the vehicle up to three (3) years from the date of offence to investigate whether or not there was insurance coverage. Should the police officer investigate the owner and find that there was not insurance coverage the officer may lay a charge of “Permit a Motor Vehicle to be Operated Without Insurance”.

If you are charged with the offence of Fail to Surrender Insurance Card, most court prosecutors will cancel the ticket if you appear at the court with a copy of the valid insurance.

Produce False Evidence of Insurance

Should the officer believe that the motorist presented false evidence of insurance the officer can lay a charge of “produce false evidence of insurance”. The onus is on the owner to prove to the officer that they had valid insurance on the vehicle.

The police officer can lay a charge for this offence against the owner or the driver of the vehicle up to three (3) years from the date of the offence.

The penalty for producing false evidence of insurance offence is ten thousand ($10, 000) dollars, plus the twenty percent surcharge.

OTT Legal provides professional qualified assistance to provide you with a winning defense.

Make False Statement of Insurance – Possession of false or invalid Insurance Card

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario requires that the owner of a motor vehicle make a statement that the vehicle was insured.

The ministry requires this statement before they will issue a licence plate validation sticker for the vehicle, the transfer of a permit or any other documents to make a statement that the vehicle is covered by liability insurance.

If the applicant makes a false statement to the Ministry of Transportation, that person commits the offence of Making a False statement. The penalty for this offence is ten thousand dollars ($10, 000).

If you face a No Insurance Charge, you need the professional qualified assistance of OTT Legal Services to provide you with a winning defense.

Have a question or like more information about no insurance tickets? Send us an email and one of our former police officers and licensed paralegals will respond to you within two (2) hours.

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