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Homeowners Insurance and Fire Coverage

Whether it's an electrical issue, a barbecue mishap, a candle that gets knocked over or a small kitchen fire, homeowners insurance may offer protection in multiple ways if your home or belongings are damaged by fire. It's a good idea to know how much fire coverage your policy provides. Here are a few things you may want to consider if you're purchasing or updating your homeowners coverage.

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How to Compare Car Insurance Rates

Shopping around for any product means comparing prices. You may talk with friends or scope out two or three locations before you decide where to buy. But, how do you compare auto insurance rates? One way is to get several quotes from different insurers and compare them side by side. In order to do a fair comparison, it helps to make sure each quote you get is for the same coverages, limits and deductibles.

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Does Renters Insurance Cover a Laptop Computer or Mobile Device?

You can be connected just about anywhere these days. You probably don't think much of checking your email in a coffee shop, walking around the office with your laptop computer or even watching a movie on your patio. Whether you're working at the kitchen table or finishing a project in the library, your laptop may go as many places as you do. ? Here are a few things to consider about protecting your laptop.

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Retirement & Life Insurance

You've planned for your retirement so that you can afford what's important to you, whether it's travel, hobbies or time with the grandkids. But have you included life insurance in your planning, too? Retirement may affect your life insurance needs, from the cost of premiums on a new budget to how long you need a policy or if you need an emergency fund. Whether retirement is around the corner or you're already enjoying your new freedom, make sure you have a life insurance policy that will fit your needs during retirement.

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How much does car insurance cost for a 17 year old? | Yahoo Answers

I'm currently 17 with and just got my license a couple of weeks ago, i was wondering how much does the insurance cost annually for a 17 year old like me? Thanks for your help!

a 15 year old insurance group A car under 1000cc is going to cost over £5000 for a 17 year old male. So a 25 year old TVR? Who knows but if you have to ask the cost you can't afford it.

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