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Car Rental in MexicoRenting a car in Mexico can provide an excellent way of exploring the landscape and seeing local features and attractions.

Car rental in Mexico can offer you the flexibility and freedom that other forms of transport simply cannot provide.

Car Rental in Mexico

Driving across Mexico can be a rewarding experience as it gives you the choice and flexibility to visit remote areas which may be inaccessible using public transport and enables you to do so at your chosen pace and convenience.

A rental car can provide the freedom and flexibility that public transport cannot when you’re traveling longer distances, especially outside of Mexico City. If you want to see some of the outlying towns and villages “off the beaten track”, then taking a car is the most efficient way to accomplish this, unless you have the patience, time, and temperament to deal with local transport.

To Rent, or Not to Rent?

In Mexico City, car rental is probably not a very good idea, unless you’re familiar with the city and plan to do a lot of traveling about from place to place inside the capital. Public transport in towns and cities across Mexico is excellent and travel by taxi in Mexico is affordable.

Car rental in most colonial cities is not a good idea, either. Most colonial towns and cities are best experienced on foot, using taxis to travel longer distances between major attractions, or back to your hotel after a long day’s exploration.

Instances where car rental is a good idea is when you are touring a region(s) of Mexico and need to get from city to city (and the towns and villages in-between) without being beholden to public transport schedules.

Another good way to rent a car in Mexico is to rent a vehicle from the city or town you are based at, using the vehicle to venture out on day trips and explore rural areas which may be poorly served by public transport and/or are too far away to take a taxi.

Mexico’s Car Rental Business

Renting a car in Mexico used to be more expensive than renting in a car in the USA, but the Mexican market has become a lot more competitive in recent years, and prices have fallen, making car rental surprisingly affordable here.

As in all countries, rental costs can inflate with the high cost of insurances which, although optional, are advisable to buy if you’re not covered by your credit/charge card or other corporate policy, in case of an incident on your journey.

If your credit or charge card provider covers these (most credit card policies that cover vehicles in the USA and Europe will cover vehicle rental in Mexico) you can save a considerable sum on the additional optional insurance fees by making use of that perquisite.

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