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As Canada’s fastest growing city, Calgary has witnessed an immense amount of expansion in the last decade. New neighbourhoods have been developed and the vibrant downtown area has seen many new architectural marvels such as the Bow Tower. Sharp Insurance is an excellent resource for finding homeowners the most comprehensive coverage for their most valued investment. In today’s home insurance market, many Calgarians are seeing a steep rise in premiums due primarily to Calgary’s weather-related catastrophic claims. As a brokerage, Sharp Insurance has access to Canada’s top insurance markets, and will work on your behalf to find you the best rates in the industry.

Calgary Home Insurance Facts

Weather in Calgary is changing, and it has had a substantial impact on the home insurance industry. Wind and hail damage along with sewer backup claims are Calgary’s highest reported losses. To ensure your home is safe and protected, talk to one of our home insurance specialists who will be able to determine what type of insurance will best suit your needs.

Did You Know?

Did you know Sharp Insurance offers a wide variety of home insurance endorsements including the all new Weather Assure Enhancement: If you have a claim on your home’s asphalt roof or vinyl siding, Weather Assure will help prevent damages in the future by upgrading your home with weather resistant roofing and siding materials.

Introducing Flood Insurance

For the first time ever in Canada, flood insurance is now being offered on personal home insurance policies. The June 2013 flooding was a shock for many Albertans, totaling over 7 billion dollars in losses. The fact is, the weather patterns have been changing for some time, whether it’s wind and rain, excessive snow and snow melting, or rising river levels, flooding is becoming an inevitability for many Calgarians. Recognizing the need for insurance for overland flood damage, the insurance industry answered with an affordable water protection endorsement that is easy and affordable. Available Alberta wide on May 1st, please visit to get more information or to receive a quote from one of our expert brokers.

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