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Canadian Insurance card

Ontario Health CardAs residents of a country that implements a universal health care system, our Canadian health insurance cards grant us access to the majority of personal health services we require, without need of incurring out of pocket expense. Canadian health insurance cards, or those implemented by provincial or territory health insurance providers, are issued to all Canadian residents and citizens.

Canadian health insurance cards are one of the items in our wallets that we often overlook as vital to the standard of living we enjoy, and that residents of the majority of countries that do not provide such admire.

A list of the provincial and territory health care organizations providing Canadian health insurance cards is offered below. If such a card is lost or stolen, the respective Canadian health insurance provider can reissue the holder a replacement. Many Canadian health insurance cards are issued with personalized barcodes and/or photos of the recipient, much like a driver's license.

Health care providers in Canada, such as treatment facilities, hospitals and clinics, ask that users always bring with them their Canadian health insurance card and photo identification for faster and more efficient admittance and service provision.

Additional Health Insurance Cards

Our provincial and territory plans do not, however, always entail the most expedient of personal health care services. These health services can include diagnostics, surgery and specialist consultation. That is why some Canadian health insurance companies are providing products that expand and improve access to these health care services.

Several Canadian insurance companies are issuing Canadian health insurance cards for personal and employee policies that provide complementary health care services to Canadians. Medical access insurance, for example, grants personal health insurance that enables Canadians on lengthy medical waitlists access to expedited health care services.

Many Canadian group benefits plans and private health services plans now provide coverage for these supplemental Canadian health insurance premiums. Additionally, many comprehensive travel insurance policies issue Canadian health insurance cards for policyholders to use to access medical services while out of country.

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