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Rental car travel insuranceThis type of insurance covers a traveler’s car and rental car for losses due to traffic accidents and collisions. Some plans also include a number of package-like benefits to fit the needs of road trip travel.

What makes rental car travel insurance unique?

This type of travel insurance focuses on coverage for traveler-owned vehicles and rental cars.

The focus is on collisions and roadside assistance

Car and rental car travel insurance focuses on the financial risks due to a traffic accident or collision and cover repair costs, loss-of-use charges, and more. These plans also typically include roadside assistance benefits and cover both traveler-owned vehicles (as secondary automobile insurance) and rental vehicles (as secondary unless the traveler doesn’t currently have automobile insurance, then the coverage becomes primary by default).

Some plans have extra benefits

Some plans have coverage for:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Trip interruptions
  • Trip cancellations
  • Travel delays
  • Lost, stolen or destroyed baggage
  • Travel accident AD&D

Why would you need this type of travel insurance?

  • You don’t own an automobile, but are renting one for a driving vacation or on your trip
  • You own a vehicle and want additional coverage while on your trip

What coverage is included in rental car travel insurance?

Car and Rental Car plans typically come with the following types of coverage:

  • Coverage for repairs due to a collision, towing costs, and loss-of-use charges imposed by a rental car company
  • Travel assistance services including roadside assistance while on a covered trip

See the full details of car rental collision coverage.

Who should buy this travel insurance?

Travelers like these should purchase cruise travel insurance:

  • Road travelers who want coverage for rental cars or secondary coverage on their own car while on a trip.
  • Families and individuals on road trips at least 100 miles from home.

How much does rental car travel insurance cost?

Drive protection and car rental insurance is very affordable when compared to the daily charges typically imposed by the coverage offered at the rental counter. While coverage at the rental counter can be as high as $20 per day, this coverage is typically $7 to $9 per day and includes coverage for loss-of-use charges imposed by the rental company if the vehicle is damaged.

See also:

Where should you buy your travel insurance?

You have two options for buying travel insurance – the best option is to compare plans from all companies, get quotes, and purchase your travel insurance plan online:

All travel insurance companies include a free look period with a refund that lets you review the plan documentation. If you decide you need something a little different, you can make changes to your policy or cancel it for a refund (minus a small fee).


  • This is specialized coverage for travelers renting cars or driving their own automobiles on a trip
  • This coverage provides funds to cover the cost of repairs in case of an accident or collision
  • It also provides funds for loss-of-use charges and other fees imposed by rental car companies (up to the policy limit)

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