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Our “Attorneys’ Guide to the Best Auto Insurance Companies (And the ones our attorneys recommend you should avoid)”

There are a lot of lists out there rating car insurance companies. But until now, there’s never been a list assembled by actual auto attorneys — who see firsthand how insurance companies treat people after a crash.

Hint: You’re not always in “good hands” or treated “like a good neighbor.”

Today, our attorneys are sharing our picks for the best auto insurance companies (and worst auto insurance companies), based upon real cases and real clients who were seriously hurt in automobile accidents. We see how the insurers pay claims and how fairly they treat people when they need help the most – after a car accident and when a claim is filed.

Our full guide includes more information on each insurer and tips on how to choose the insurance company that’s right for you and your family. You can order a hard copy of the guide or download it for your Smartphone.

Our analysis is based on real cases from Michigan Auto Law, specific instances of anti-consumer behavior by auto insurers, consumer complaints trends, prices, value for premium dollar and auto insurer ratings from J.D. Powers and Associates and

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts each week with more details on why we’ve chosen these car insurance companies as the “best” and “worst.”

Best auto insurance company for 2015

The one auto insurer that made my list of the “Best” auto insurance companies for 2015 is:

Worst auto insurance companies for 2015

The auto insurers who made my list of the “Worst” auto insurance companies for 2015 are:

Car insurance companies “for your consideration”

And the auto insurers who made the list that I submit “For Your Consideration” in 2015 are:

How car insurance companies treat people

For the past several years, I’ve served as President of the Motor Vehicle Trial Lawyers Association. I’ve traveled and spoken at legal seminars with attorneys from all over the country. Previously, I served as the President of the American Association for Justice Truck Accident Litigation Group.

And with 18 attorneys who only help people injured in automobile accidents, we see how insurance companies treat people every single day. We know from real, hard-won courtroom experience how insurance companies really treat their customers, because these customers then become our clients when they’re treated unfairly. They come to Michigan Auto Law for help after an insurance company has broken contractual promises to pay vital No Fault insurance benefits.

Sadly, our reality doesn’t match what we all see on the television commercials. In my upcoming blog posts, we’ll also explain how some insurance companies quickly forget their promises once a car accident occurs and a claim is filed.

If you have questions about your own insurance rights, please give us a call. We’re happy to help.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post, where we will discuss why Auto-Owners is our pick for the “best” car insurance company in 2015.

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