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Insure your house with Quoteline Direct and save at least 10% against your current insurers renewal premium with similar cover based on the same details.

With more than 45 years' experience Quoteline Direct is one of the country's leading household insurance brokers. Whether you're looking for buildings insurance, contents insurance or a combined home insurance policy; we can help you find the right cover at the right price.

Our online quotation engine searches hundreds of policies from the biggest names in UK insurance to give you an instant quote. Or call us & our team of underwriters to tailor the quote to fit your circumstances and see how much extra you could save. In fact, we are so confident in our service that we guarantee a 10% saving on your current home insurance renewal with similar cover, based on the same details. Other benefits include:

  • At least 10% cheaper guaranteed - if our quote isn't at least 10% cheaper than your renewal call us and we'll guarantee to make it 10% cheaper.
  • Access to a wide range of policies means we can provide cover to suit everyone's needs: from first-time buyers to retired professionals.
  • Security conscious customers may be eligible for additional discounts by fitting smoke/ burglar alarms or joining a Home Watch scheme.
  • Switch to Quoteline Direct and we can usually repay the £25.00 administration fee charged by some banks and building societies.
  • Call our 24-hour claims helpline to get help when you need it most. We aim to settle claims as quickly as possible with a minimum of fuss.
  • Choose from a number of payment options, including direct debit (details available on request).
At least 10% cheaper guaranteed

We often hear complaints from 'non-standard' customers fed up with spending a small fortune on their house insurance; which is why we developed Ultimatum. Designed for the specialist home insurance marketplace, Ultimatum offers competitive cover for a variety of needs including: subsidence insurance, flood risk insurance, unoccupied property insurance, high value home insurance, listed buildings insurance, criminal convictions insurance and insurance for thatched buildings.

Buy to Let? If you are a Landlord and want to insure a property that you rent out have a look at our section.

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