Good Insurance Quotes

Good Insurance Quotes

Cheapest Washington Car InsuranceIf you’re looking for cheap Washington car insurance, you already know that finding the best deal can be challenging. Quotes from various companies for the same policy can land all over the map, so comparing rates is crucial.

To help Washingtonians find the best deal, NerdWallet tested rates from the nine largest car insurance companies in the state and found the three cheapest options for these driver types:

Cheapest for good drivers

For drivers with no at-fault accidents, DUIs or moving violations; range of average prices: $806 to $1, 832

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The average for good drivers among the three cheapest options was $887 per year. USAA was the most affordable company in our test, but keep in mind that only former or active military members and their families qualify. For non-military shoppers, PEMCO and State Farm are solid options with relatively competitive costs of their own, about $7 to $13 more per month than USAA.

Cheapest for young drivers

For drivers in their early 20s; range of average prices: $476 to $1, 466

Drivers in their early 20s often don’t need as much coverage as older motorists, who may have families or extensive assets to protect. This explains why young drivers can get some of the cheapest Washington car insurance. Both the military-affiliated USAA and PEMCO scored rates lower than $45 a month. State Farm was a bit higher — roughly $58 a month — but as a larger insurer with deeper coffers and a wider service area, they may be able to offer perks and convenience that help make up for the price difference.

Cheapest for families with one teen driver

For middle-aged couples with one teen driver; range of average prices: $1, 131 to $6, 995

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