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evolution-company-logosThough I'm a documented failure at graphic design, it doesn't mean I don't love looking at the stuff. Company logos, in particular, have always interested me. And for companies that have been around for a while, there are usually a few different iterations of their logos floating around.

That's why when a coworker sent me this awesome infographic showing the history of popular company logos, I started to geek out a bit. It comes from Glow New Media, and for anyone interested in logo design, the way it lays out the evolution of logos is a treat. And if you're thinking of designing (or redesigning) your company logo, this'll help you see some overall design trends to keep in mind.

Take a gander. Enjoy. Discuss.

Which logo do you think had the most productive evolution? Which one should revert back to an older iteration? I'd love to hear your opinions, particularly if there are any design professionals out there reading this post!

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