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Snow Insurance, Cost Containment / Income Stabilization Coverage

If your entity has revenues or expenses that fluctuate with the weather, such as the amount of snowfall, a cost containment / revenue stabilization insurance policy should put you at ease. We offer policies that address the risk of either too much or too little snow and/or rain, as well as too hot or too cold.

  • Cumulative Snow Coverage. This coverage provides for a claim if a specific amount of snow occurs, or fails to occur, over a specific time period. Policies are also available that pay a claim based on a lack of snow accumulation over a specified timeframe.
  • Snow Event Coverage. This coverage provides for a claim if a specific number of snowfall events (storms) occur over a specific time period. Policies are also available that pay a claim based on a lack of snow events over a specified timeframe.
  • Other Options. We will work with you to design a policy to meet your own unique requirements, including policies that address the occurrence of extreme snow events, freeze, heat, excess rain, drought, and wind just to name a few. Call us to discuss your unique situation.

Interested in a Snowfall Derivative?

Spectrum’s President, Robert Holmes, has been invovled in the weather derivatives industry since its infancy and maintains relationships with the leading weather derivative providers in the U.S. If you are considering a snowfall derivative, let Spectrum find the best provider for your specific needs.

SNOW INSURANCE As an example, a snow-based cost containment policy Insurance, commonly referred to simply as “snow insurance“, is designed to help protect snow-sensitive cash flows that are exposed to an excess of snowfall. Such a snow insurance policy could be employed by the following:

  • Snow Contractors
  • Property Managers
  • Condo or Home Owners Associations
  • Municipalities
  • Retail Property Owners
  • Airports
  • School Districts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts

Are you a snow removal contractor that has a majority of pay-per-push or time and materials types of contracts? If so, then a snow insurance policy that pays based on a lack of snowfall may be for you. Give us a call to discuss your own, unique snow insurance needs.

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