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Several factors influence insurance companies when calculating auto insurance rates. Some factors include your driving record and history, home address, and make and model of your car. Each insurer combines these factors in their own way and no two insurance companies are alike. It’s important to compare quotes to find a competitive price for your car insurance.

Ratelab’s car insurance calculator is the ideal solution. Our Ontario car insurance calculator can help you determine the best rates for your car insurance, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

Enter your postal code above and compare car insurance quotes from over thirty companies for free–it only takes three minutes! You’re under no obligation.

Read the following frequently asked questions for more information.

What is a car insurance calculator?

A car insurance calculator helps you predict the premium for your vehicle, while comparing car insurance quotes from different insurance providers. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to car insurance. The car insurance calculator helps you evaluate the options available which in turn helps you choose the best policy for your needs. The car insurance calculator also compares your current results to recent average insurance prices to provide you with information on how changing car insurance prices may affect your premium. This is particularly informative in Ontario, which is undergoing car insurance reform.

What difference does it make if I use the Car Insurance Calculator in Ontario?

It makes a lot of difference. There’s just no practical way to comparison shop in the kind of detail that Ratelab’s calculator can. You’d spend days on the phone and still not be sure about contacting that one provider that can make a difference for you. Consider too that contacting 50 brokers doesn’t ensure you’ve checked with 50 insurance companies. Brokers represent more than one insurer. Ratelab’s calculator assures that you are checking with the widest range of individual insurance companies when searching for a quote.

What are the benefits of using a car insurance calculator?

Using the car insurance calculator has many benefits, including the following:

  • The process of buying a car insurance policy seems cumbersome, but using the car insurance calculator before deciding on a policy helps make the overall process seamless and convenient.
  • The car insurance calculator affords you an opportunity to compare premium rates from different insurance companies, to pinpoint the right insurance plan for your circumstances.
  • With the aid of a car insurance calculator, you see clearly how changing certain variables in your coverage affects your premium.
  • You are under no time limit and have no pressure from insurance agents.

man signing a car insurance policyWhat information do I need to provide to use the auto insurance calculator?

The online car insurance calculator calculates your car insurance premium based on information provided by the user. Premiums differ based on the information provided that defines the specific insurance needs of the user. To calculate your exact car insurance premium, you need to provide specific details, including the date of registration, your vehicle details, the date your policy started, and details on other extra coverage. With all the necessary information, your result is just a few clicks away.

Premium Calculator for Used Cars: If you want to calculate premium quotes for used cars, provide your car brand, registration number, fuel type, any changes in car ownership details, existing car insurance policy details, and any previous claim reports that have been made. Using the calculator to calculate premiums for a used car will ensure you get the best policy based on your specific insurance needs.

Premium Calculator for New Cars: To calculate the premium for a new car, fill in details about the type of vehicle (brand, model, the year it was manufactured, province of registration) and your personal details. The calculator compares quotes from different insurance companies helping you secure the best deal on your policy.

How do I use the car insurance calculator?

Follow these steps to use the Ratelab car insurance calculator:

  • Complete the form with details about your car, driving record, and history. The more complete and accurate the information, the more accurate your quotes will be.
  • The car insurance calculator compares your information with rates from different insurance companies.
  • Once your quotes are delivered, establish contact with representatives from the insurance companies offering the best rates.
  • Ask about discounts and customization of your personal policy.
  • Choose one provider and purchase your best-rate coverage.

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