2016 Canadian Car of The Year

Best Canadian car

Honda Fit*

Another year. Another win. For the fifth consecutive year, the Honda Fit has won in the sub-compact segment. Fit continues its dominance by delivering durability and reliability in a fuel-efficient, flexible package. With interior space that belies its compact exterior, Fit swallows up people and cargo like much bigger vehicles. Its adaptable rear seats flip and fold to handle almost anything you’d care to carry. Used car buyers continue to appreciate Fit’s total package and that adds up to a strong resale value and another CBB Retained Value Award.

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* Indicates top 3 finish in 2015

Toyota Prius V

Winning in one of Canada’s most competitive segments is impressive. For 2016 the Prius v continues the winning streak for the Prius family, with the Prius hatch winning for the past three years. With all of the eco-friendly attributes you expect from a hybrid, Prius v adds the space and flexibility of a wagon. Sleek styling, fuel efficiency in an easy to live with package has placed the Prius v at the top of the CBB Best Retained Value list. It’s that kind of demand that keeps putting Prius at the top of the list when it comes to retaining its value and also when it comes to naming the 2016 Best Retained Value winner.

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Toyota Camry

In a category that has been won by its competitors in past years, Camry has broken through for 2016. With a spacious interior, quiet and comfortable ride and fuel efficiency, combined with Toyota’s reputation for quality and reliability has made Camry a family favorite since its launch in 1983. Always one of the best-selling vehicles in its segment, demand for used models has driven up its resale value. For those buyers looking for great value, Camry has always delivered. For those buyers looking for great retained value, Camry is at the top of the class for 2016.

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Dodge Charger*

If you need four doors, you don’t have to give up having a sporty, stylish ride. Charger styling is evocative of the muscle car coupe that was a major player back in the hay-day of American muscle cars. Charger also comes with a variety of engine options from a V6 with decent fuel economy to some very powerful V8 models which can add to the sporty, fun-to-drive aspect some buyers are looking for. Domestic manufacturers are making a strong push in the retained value awards and for 2016, the Dodge Charger has made its way to the top.

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Volvo XC70*

Families looking for space, comfort, utility and the security of all-wheel-drive will usually find themselves shopping for a crossover SUV. But with the Volvo XC70, you can have it all without compromising handling and fuel efficiency. The XC70 is a luxury wagon with a luxurious interior that is distinctly Scandinavian in its design. Seating is comfortable and supportive and offers plenty of cargo room with or without the rear seats folded. For people who really appreciate wagons for their unique blend of drivability and utility, there are limited options on the market. In this exclusive segment, XC70 is a great choice that continues to be in demand. And in the used car market, this demand has resulted in the XC70 winning a retained value award for 2016.

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