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What's Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

There's no stock answer to what homeowners insurance covers, as policies vary from customer to customer and from state to state. But there are some standard coverages included in most homeowners policies, such as protection for your dwelling and personal property for certain natural disasters and personal liabilities. It's important to know exactly what is and isn't covered by your policy and to understand your coverage limits. If you'd like to talk through your current policy or get coverage tailored to life in NM, I'd be happy to help.

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How to Compare Car Insurance Rates

Shopping around for any product means comparing prices. You may talk with friends or scope out two or three locations before you decide where to buy. But, how do you compare auto insurance rates? One way is to get several quotes from different insurers and compare them side by side. In order to do a fair comparison, it helps to make sure each quote you get is for the same coverages, limits and deductibles.

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What's Covered Under Renters Insurance?

As a renter, you know that your landlord is responsible for the property, including insuring it against damage from disasters like a fire or storm. But did you know the landlord is not responsible for your personal property? Should a pipe burst, your landlord would likely need to make repairs to the home. But you'd be on the hook to replace your brand new laptop, favorite leather boots, and soggy couch. Renters Insurance can be a great way to help protect you and your stuff!

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Life Insurance Myths

I can't afford life insurance." Or "My beneficiaries will have to pay income tax on proceeds from my policy." Read up these life insurance myths so you can make informed decisions to help protect your family.

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Tips for Managing Small Business Insurance Costs

Being a small business owner can mean working long after you've "closed" for the day. The to-do list is never done, and you're frequently juggling priorities. But you may want to move reviewing your business insurance to the top of that list. There's a lot to consider when covering the business you put your heart into. From making sure you having the right amount of protection to managing risks and bundling coverages, I'm here to help you choose the coverage that is right for your business.

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Is a Wedding Covered by Event Insurance?

Considerable investments of time and money can go into planning a wedding. Two types of event insurance may be available to help protect that investment.

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Motorcycle Passenger Protection

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a ride is with a friend on the back of your motorcycle. Before you take a friend or family member out for a ride, though, keep in mind that protection is essential for you and your passenger. Aside from donning helmets and safety gear, it's also a good idea to check your motorcycle insurance covers for passengers. Before you hit the road, take a look at these motorcycle passenger coverage requirements and tips for reducing accidents.

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Condo Insurance

You found the perfect condominium, called about the utilities and have movers lined up. But before you move in, do you have the right coverage for your new home? Condos are unique in the way they are insured - both you and the condo association need policies. From common areas to personal property, it's important that you understand what your policy covers and what your condo association's insurance may help protect. Take a look at this overview of condominium insurance, and then let's make sure you have the coverage you need.

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Have Policy Questions? I Can Help!

Whether you're moving, test driving a car or considering buying life insurance, an agent's expertise may come in handy. Certain life events and policy questions are best addressed with an insurance agent consultation.

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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Personal Umbrella Policies?

You may know that a personal umbrella policy (PUP) may help protect you if the limits of an underlying policy (homeowners or auto, for instance) are exhausted. But how much do you know about how PUPs work? Test your knowledge with these five questions.

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Is US car insurance card sufficient to drive in Canada or a "yellow card" needed? | Yahoo Answers

Is there any official word/regulation about this?
Most of my Allstate agents do not seem to know about this requirement of Yellow card while driving car into Canada... also known as Non-residence inter-province motor vehicle liability insurance card.

Well. Yellow card is old system and no longer needed as per Allstate corporate office... if anyone thinks it is needed pls search and give current official website/link for that requirement.

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