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App is for devices running Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systemsDesjardins General Insurance Group Inc. of Levis, Quebec announced Friday the availability of a mobile app for its Ajusto usage-based auto insurance, under which DGIG offers discounts based on driving behaviour.

With the Ajusto app – for devices running Apple Inc. iOS and Google Inc.’s Android operating systems – DGIG is offering “a 100% mobile insurance program that doesn’t require the installation of a device in the vehicle, ” DGIG said in a release.

When Desjardins first announced Ajusto in 2013, Desjardins offered the program using telematics hardware from iMetrik Solutions – mainly to policyholders owning vehicles made in 1998 or later – that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port.

Desjardins conducted a survey one year after launching the Ajusto program. Results showed that Ajusto users in Quebec and Ontario both improved their driving and saved money. In addition, more than two-thirds of survey respondents said they paid more attention when accelerating and braking.

The release said that clients who signed up for Ajusto saved an average of 12% on their auto insurance premiums. And 50% of Ajusto users saved 10% or more.

Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc. released a mobile app for Apple and Google Android devices for its Ajusto auto insurance, available in Ontario and QuebecAuto policyholders insured by DGIG in Ontario and Quebec can get discounts based on avoiding sharp acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as based on speed, time of day and distance travelled. [click image below to enlarge]

“Anyone, including non-clients, can try the Ajusto app for 90 days with no obligation to get an idea of the discount that could apply, ” DGIG says of the mobile app, which lets users compare results with other Ajusto users.

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“By the end of the year, the program will also be made available to State Farm clients in Ontario, ” DGIG added.

DGIG’s parent company, Desjardins Group, closed Jan. 1 the acquisition of State Farm’s Aurora, Ont.-based Canadian operations. Desjardins continues to use the State Farm brand in Canada to offer property & casualty insurance, written by Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company.

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The release added that the results obtained from the Ajusto program can never be used to penalize clients. Data collected as part of the program is protected by strict confidentiality rules. Its use is restricted and covered by a contract that is written in plain language. Accordingly, the Ajusto Program Terms and Conditions stipulate that data will never be used to cancel an insurance policy, refuse a renewal or increase a premium, and Desjardins Insurance will not use the data against its insureds in the event of a claim.

Other Canadian carriers offering usage-based insurance include Industrial Alliance, Intact, The Co-operators and the South Central Ontario arm of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

Last month, Ingenie Canada Inc. launched usage-based insurance to drivers aged 24 and under in Ontario, underwritten by Aviva Canada subsidiary Pilot Insurance Company. Ingenie is available both through the Ingenie website and through members of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO). Aviva Canada has also committed to writing auto – through IBAO members – using telematics provided by Quindell in partnership with IBAO subsidiary Independent Broker Resources Inc. (IBRI).

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